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" guiding star always is, 'Get hold of portable property.'" -- Wemmick, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Welcome to The Courtier's Coins shop.


We are avid coin collectors and enthusiasts with a focus on authentic Ancient Greek, Roman, and Medieval coins.


We are particularly interested in what we call the "power hitters" of time; those larger-than-life legends, emperors, monarchs, and rulers who were both protagonists and antagonists in history.  


For us, holding a coin in hand is like time-travel.  We imagine what hands held it, what amount of time was labored for it, what it accomplished for those who held it, and how it survived to come to us today for a brief stewardship before we release it to the admiration of another.

We share with many collectors of history the curiosity and desire to make an actual connection to historical people and periods of time by physically touching pieces of the past.  We find coin collecting to be quite a magical experience and look forward to assisting you as you grow your own collection.  


Alexander III The Great, Zeus, Tetradrachm, Coin

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