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Legends and lore revolve around the shipwreck of the 24 gun, 350 man treasure galleon Santa Maria De La Consolacion, which lay off the coast of Ecuador for 300 years before being discovered in 1998.  The legend is that delays from the mint in Potosi kept the Consolacion from setting sail with the rest of her armada at Callao, Chile.  When pirates spotted and began harrassing the lone ship off of Santa Clara in 1681, the captain was forced near Isla de Muerto in the Bay of Guayaquil to set the galleon on fire to avoid capture by the pirates.  Spanish cobs from this shipwreck are scarred by the fire, which lends evidence to the validity of the legend. Impressive in hand, hold what the pirates coveted.


Material: Silver

Denom: 4 Reales

Reign:  Charles II

Mint: Potosi

Assayer: C

Date: 1679

Weight: 8 grams

1679 Santa Maria De La Consolacion Spanish Shipwreck 4 Real, Charles II.

SKU: 00001
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