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Marcus Agrippa posthumous issue AE As (10.05g) struck under Caligula.


ROMAN EMPIRE AGRIPPA (Marcus Upsanius Agrippa)

Heir apparent of Augustus, he pre-deceased him in 12 BCAS, (Copper, 10.05 grams).


Obverse: M AGRIPPA L F COS III, His head left wearing rostral crown.

Reverse: Large S C either side of Neptune standing facing, head left, holding trident and dolphin.Reference: Sear 556, New Sear 1812, Van Meter 4, RIC 58.Large planchet.


Strong choice high relief portrait. Great reverse. Well centered. Dark brown patina. A scarce coin in such nice grade


Denomination: AE As

Material: Copper

Period: Roman Empire, post 12 BC

NGC Grade: VF Strike 5/5, Surface 2/5

Marcus Agrippa AE As struck under Caligula after 12 BC

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